desksnail / A Song Is Better Than A Chair (bandcamp)
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Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar / Moog x self-titled EP (self-titled magazine)
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Ovlov / Where's My Dini? (soundcloud - Exploding In Sound Records)

Speedy Ortiz / Plough (soundcloud - Carpark Records)

Eli Mardock / If You're with Me, Then You're Against Me (soundcloud - Paper Garden Records)

Homeboy Sandman / Give You The World (soundcloud - Stones Throw Records)

Tosca / Stuttgart feat. Lucas Santtana (Marlow & Trüby refix) (soundcloud - !K7)

The Dough Rollers / Little Lily (soundcloud - Third Man Records)

The Ramona Flowers / So Many Colours (soundcloud - Distiller Records)

Colonel Red / Free Feeling (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

Stan Smith / What It Is (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

H-SIK / No Promises (soundcloud - Black Acre Records)

Matthew Dear / Earthforms (TOBACCO Remix) (soundcloud)

Ashrae Fax / Daddystitch (soundcloud)



やべしん&西欧家具 / あたたかい機械のための音楽 (bandcamp)
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入江陽 / 『生意気(仮)』ラフなデモ (soundcloud)
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yuichi atsumi / Be Honest, (soundcloud)
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Beat Mark / Son Thomas Hunter (youtube - ample play records)
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Bleached / Dead In Your Head (Official Video) (youtube)
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The Proper Ornaments / Waiting For The Summer (Single) (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)

Charles Howl / Surf Trem (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)

Peasant / The End (soundcloud - Paper Garden Records)
Peasant / Well Alright (soundcloud - Paper Garden Records)
Peasant / We're Good (soundcloud - Paper Garden Records)

Emanuel and the Fear / The Rain Becomes The Clouds (soundcloud - Paper Garden Records)

Tiara Thomas / 4Dolla Bill (soundcloud - Interscope Records)

Housemeister / MEXICO CITY (soundcloud - Boysnoize Records)




若田おさむ / イッショニコイ (soundcloud)
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Elvis Pre / Fuz demo (soundcloud)
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Elvis Pre / Dorohedoro demo (soundcloud)
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eurica / insomnia (soundcloud)
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