may.e / スリープ (soundcloud)
may.e / sleep (youtube)
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Yuki Nishinohara / My Strawberry Days (soundcloud)
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Natural Child - Ain't Gonna Stop (soundcloud - Burger Records)

The Prefab Messiahs - Desperately Happy (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Robert Pollard 'Tonight's The Rodeo' (soundcloud - FIRE RECORDS)

Myron & E - Going In Circles (soundcloud - Stones Throw Records)



Policy - In A Huff With Tantrums (soundcloud - Fat Cat Records)
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The Moth and the Flame - "Sorry" (soundcloud)
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Cold Rush by Audacity (soundcloud - Suicide Squeeze Records)
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ヘロン (heron) / 満月の夜 (soundcloud)
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ヘロン (heron) / 9/18 Mudai (soundcloud)
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Honeyblood / Bud (soundcloud)

Palehound - Drooler (soundcloud - Exploding In Sound)
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[MARU-125] tofubeats - lost decade remixes (Maltine Records)
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Dr. Dog- Love (soundcloud - ANTI Records)

The Melvins - "It's Shoved" Live at Third Man Records (soundcloud - Third Man Records)

好きなアーチストの情報やコンテンツをWeb全域から自動収集してくれるSeenth.is (TechCrunch Japan)
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Batman Winks / Strange Love (youtube)
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Batman Winks / Strange Love (soundcloud)
Batman Winks / Surf In Your Dreams (new ver.) (soundcloud)
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Vaadat Charigim - Haolam Avad Mizman (soundcloud - Burger Records)

わたなべよしくに / 放課後の地下室 (youtube - zousan records)
◇via @zousanrecords # 2013年9月18日発売 わたなべよしくに「でもでもでも」特設サイト

ヘロン (heron) / 9/17 結婚するの (soundcloud)
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ヘロン (heron) / 9/17 遠い空 (soundcloud)
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佐藤あんこ / MANDALA 2 (soundcloud)

夜のいきもの 歌ってみた【まじ娘】 (nicovideo)
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Filipe Alvim - Domingo (soundcloud - Pug Records)
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MARI / 思い出しか残らない私の (soundcloud)
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ヨダ タケシ (Takeshi Yoda) / 鮮魚になった王子様メインタイトル(The Prince who turns into a fresh Fish) (soundcloud)
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かるえるら(近藤孝次 - Kondo Koji)/ Winter Journey (Escape Remix) Inst (soundcloud)
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hiroto kudo / I See You Never (soundcloud)
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Motoi Kotaka / New Song(off Vocal) (soundcloud)
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matoromi - Detune (Anokos Remix) (soundcloud - Anokos)
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Anokos / Kissoup (soundcloud)
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Plate/BRGR (soundcloud)
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Cleaners From Venus - Saturday Games (soundcloud - Burger Records)

まおん / 中川かのん - 夏色サプライズ(maon remix) (soundcloud)
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HOTT MT - You Know When You're Right (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Marching Band - And I've Never Seen (soundcloud - and records)
Marching Band - Come Back (soundcloud - and records)
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The Proper Ornaments - Recalling [Single] (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)

Swearin' - Watered Down (soundcloud - Wichita Recordings)

SECRET FIX / Slowmotion (soundcloud)


The Garden - Trust (soundcloud)

Gap Dream - Scary Dennis (soundcloud - Burger Records)

illuminative waves / metsän eläimet (bandcamp)
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Lazy Sunday 【 whoo × KK 】 (nicovideo)
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Mac DeMarco, "Only You (Live At Converse Rubber Tracks)" (soundcloud)

KILN - "Star.field" (soundcloud)

Industrial Ferret / Drip (soundcloud)

どついたるねん重大発表 (youtube)
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2013年台風18号(マンニィ|MAN-YI) (デジタル台風)
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goto sintaro 後藤慎太郎 (soundcloud - Tanukineiri Records)
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Toro Y Moi - Campo (soundcloud - Carpark Records) # indie pop

Mr Bird & Dedy Dread - Tightening Up (soundcloud) # birdreadfunk

Mr B.I.R.D. - The Literal Message (soundcloud) # birdfunk

M o k r o ï é - Introducing The Trial (soundcloud - Fat Cat Records) # electronic

gorgeous bully / Kidding (Feat. Whorish Boorish) (soundcloud) # shoegaze

CONFUSIONARIO / CHOQUE ESTELAR (soundcloud) # shoegaze

hEllolisTENER / Cloudlanding (soundcloud) # shoegaze

I_Like_You / Jacking Off (soundcloud) # grunge

ledge13 / Awesome-ness (soundcloud) # grunge

Imani (The Pharcyde) - Mary Jay (soundcloud - BamaLoveSoul)

Lucho Neves - Mambo De Machaguay (soundcloud - Tiger's Milk Records) # latin


Zaiden / ロマンス(Romance) (soundcloud)
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ガウディーズ (gaudies) / 神様は全部見てる(GLANCE AT THE GAUDIES) (soundcloud)
◇via @gaudies # 2013/09/18 初のCD作品集「GLANCE AT THE GAUDIES」発売。

つん (Tsun) / S (soundcloud)
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Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Twink - Tiptoe On The Highest Hill (soundcloud - Burger Records)

"Interruption" - Otonana Trio (soundcloud)

Jim O'Rourke (bandcamp)
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若田おさむ (osamu wakata) / アルシンド (soundcloud)
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The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy) (soundcloud - Burger Records)

The Memories - I Remember You (soundcloud - Burger Records)

The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy) w/ I Wanna Be That Guy (Live) (soundcloud - Burger Records)

The Memories - Dancing In My Dreams (soundcloud - Burger Records)

The Memories - You Found A Drug That's Better Than Me (soundcloud - Burger Records)

後藤慎太郎(ロモ)/ 酔う (soundcloud - Tanukineiri Records)
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White Fang - Spaced Out (soundcloud - Burger Records)

佐藤あんこ / 6点 (soundcloud)

Bruno Nicolai - De Sade 70/Circle (edit) (soundcloud - Finders Keepers Records)

無職 (musyoku) / Denshi Mail (soundcloud)
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hiroto kudo / Nono (soundcloud)
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White Fang - Wrecked (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Free Weed & Unkle Funkle - Africa (feat. Pangea and Mean Jeans) (soundcloud - Burger Records)