ピノキオP / 【初音ミク・鏡音リン】ストレンジアニマル【オリジナルPV】 (nicovideo)
ピノキオP / ストレンジアニマル_off vocal 2mix (piapro)
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食品まつりa.k.a foodman / IROIRO (bandcamp - Digitalis Recordings)
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may.e / スーベニア (soundcloud)
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Kazegurui / ディレイの世界第三話(short Ver) (soundcloud)
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Shonen Knife × Soul Flower Train = Osaka Rock City (youtube)
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[ EPV_141 ] Junkie - preview (soundcloud - elementperspective)
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嫁入りランド (yomeiriland) / KING OF SYSTEM (bandcamp)
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Seth Pettersen - Get Rad - Natural Machine (youtube)

Tak-An / comorebi - [ELF-NET025] (edsillforRecordings)
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Brandt Brauer Frick - "Broken Pieces" Feat. Jamie Lidell (Dollkraut Rework) (soundcloud - !K7 Records)

Mac DeMarco - Young Blood (soundcloud - Williams Street Records)

The Red Rippers - Bodybag (soundcloud - BurgerRecords)

GRID861 - The Destructor (soundcloud - Fat Cat Records)

Tirman Kid - The Black Call (soundcloud - Dufflecoat Records)

wimps and machos / Johnny Marr (soundcloud)

Jeremiah Jae - 'Bad Jokes Mixtape' (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Court Jester (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Guns N Butter ft. Oliver the 2nd (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Bad Jokes (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Pervert (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Soul Yoga (Indian Man) ft. Israel (prod. by Oliver the 2nd) (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Oatmeal Face (prod. by Flying Lotus) (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Seventy 8 (prod. by Jonwayne) (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - Evil Laugh (Warp Records)
Jeremiah Jae - King Raid (Warp Records)

Migz Haleco / Martin Stereo Sample (2 mic) (soundcloud)

wimps and machos / Johnny Marr (soundcloud)

Owiny Sigoma Band / Harpoon Land (Jesse Hackett's Funeral Suite Re-Version) (soundcloud - Brownswood Recordings)

Industrial Ferret / Yeah, dude, whatever. (soundcloud)

ESMERINE - Barn Board Fire (soundcloud - Constellation Records)

Beat 'n' Trail x Dimensions // NTS (soundcloud)

Wiley - 'Flying' (soundcloud - Ninja Tune)

Vindahl - Versatile feat. Tuco Ifill (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

STINKFIST / Pineal Gland (soundcloud)

SClusive Premiere: Shamz Le Roc - "Lazy Days" - Music Video (SoulCulture)
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森は生きている、ジャケット写真、ミュージック・ビデオ、リリースツアー情報一挙公開! (P-VINE)
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さやわかの「プロデューサー列伝」 - ももクロ躍進の立役者・前山田健一は、なぜ奇想天外な曲を作るのか? (Real Sound)
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連載◆麦倉正樹「暗闇から手を伸ばせ REACH OUT OF THE DARKNESS」#7『風立ちぬ』 (YUMECO RECORDS)
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横岩良太『風立ちぬ』を見て驚いたこと (sombrero-records.note)
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【速報】声優の斎藤千和さんが入籍!! おめでとございますううううううう (やらおん!)
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You-suck / word [SSKR042] (soundcloud - Sasakino Records)
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カニコーセン (kanikoosen) / 風羅堂のうた (soundcloud)
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Dr. Dog- The Truth (soundcloud - ANTI Records)



カニコーセン / 今じゃなきゃ意味がない (soundcloud)
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wakata osamu / プラシーボデモ2 (soundcloud)

ためいけ (tameike) / Tec4 (soundcloud)
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まつきあゆむ / 新曲の嵐#193「オルタネイティブアドベンチャー」 (soundcloud)
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Satoru AOKI / Bass Diary #16 (soundcloud)
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Flowers - TRAAMS (soundcloud - Fat Cat Records)

Matthew Estevez / I Have A Dream (soundcloud)

Hijack the Laugh Track / Bravehearts (soundcloud)

TEENAGE BURRITOS - Kamikaze (ft. backing vox and synth by Andreas from Holograms) (soundcloud - Volar Records)

White Night - Give (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Liquid Kittens (Band) / MBR (Not Mountain Bike Rider) (soundcloud)

Matt Kivel - Double Exposure (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Fletcher C. Johnson - Thanksgiving (We're All A Part Of It) (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Ides - Prisms (soundcloud - Art Is Hard Records)

The FADER / Hunters, "Seizure" (soundcloud)

Redinho - Searching (Download now) (soundcloud - Numbers)

Robin Thicke - Go Stupid 4 U (soundcloud - Interscope RecordsPro Unlimited)

Egyptian Hip Hop - Tobago (Mickey Moonlight remix) (soundcloud - R & S Records)

dBridge & Skeptical - Move Way (soundcloud - R & S Records)

Owiny Sigoma Band - Harpoon Land (Hello Skinny Remix) (soundcloud - Brownswood Recordings)

Theme From PSB (Fold's Technicolour Remix) - Public Service Broadcasting (soundcloud)

The Moles - We Need an Electric Guitar (soundcloud)

Museum Of Bellas Artes - Cathedral Amongst Hovels (soundcloud - Best Fit Recordings)

Vindahl - The Opening (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

SoulParlor - Bang Illy feat. Oddisee (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

fLako - I Want You feat. Dirg Gerner (soundcloud - Tokyo Dawn Records)

When Saints Go Machine - "Iodine" (Zed Bias / Maddslinky Remix) (soundcloud - !K7 Records)



Cosmonauts - Shaker (soundcloud - Burger Records)

hiroto kudo / farside (soundcloud)
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hiroto kudo / Morecolour (soundcloud)
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Various ‎– Shit Noise 46 [SNR 530] (Shit Noise Records)
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Various - Shit Noise 45 [SNR 525] (Shit Noise Records)
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ナックの人 / 夏の娘 (soundcloud)
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三浦モトム + 小川直人 2013-7-7 七針より抜粋 (youtube)
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ryo azuma / 東京kitty (soundcloud)
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Zaiden / 頭上 (Overhead) (soundcloud)
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後藤慎太郎 (LOMO) / もうちょっとつまらなくていいです (bandcamp)
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Porches. - Headsgiving (soundcloud - Exploding In Sound Records)

The Sudden Death Of Stars 'Supernovae' / 'Goodbye' Double A single out 12 August 2013 (soundcloud - Ample Play Records)

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - No Fun (soundcloud - FIRE RECORDS)

Thompost - The Birds From Big Sur (Quwilsk Remix) (soundcloud - Bad Panda Records)

Ex-Cult - "Mister Fantasy" (soundcloud - Goner Records)

"Less Traveled" - I, A Man (soundcloud)



ためいけ / DUVET (remix(serial experiments lain (soundcloud)
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丸山修一 / 僕が眼鏡を外すとき (take2) (soundcloud)
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丸山修一 / スタンドバイミー (soundcloud)
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ナックの人 / Demo89 (Early Ver. (soundcloud)
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Liquid Kittens / The Warmonger (Megan Thrower) (soundcloud)

Matthew Estevez / Nine Ten (soundcloud)

Gladiola / Your Biography (soundcloud)

amanda_green / Don't Pretend (soundcloud)

☢MIDNIGHTSUMMERGREEN☢ / Smell Like A Supermodel* (soundcloud)

Ina Superstar / Steps (soundcloud)

Ballet School / Heartbeat Overdrive (soundcloud)

Bad Luck / GOLDENCOAST (soundcloud)

wimps and machos / Wonderful Fire - (NEW! Demo Version) (soundcloud)

Tonight Alive / The Ocean (soundcloud - Fearless Records)

The Chills / Molten Gold (soundcloud - FIRE RECORDS)

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Lesbian Wife (soundcloud - FIRE RECORDS)

Hookworms / Away / Towards (soundcloud - Weird World Record)

Skylar Gray / White Suburban (soundcloud - Interscope Records)

Natalia Kills / Saturday Night (soundcloud - Interscope Records)

Far East Movement / The Illest (feat. Riff Raff) (soundcloud - Interscope Records)

Ulrich Schnauss / I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance (Tycho Remix) (soundcloud - Domino Record)

Ace Goon & Zay Lyrics / Up All Night (soundcloud)
Ace Goon & Zay Lyrics / Open Ya Eyes (soundcloud)
Ace Goon & Zay Lyrics / Savage Freestyle (soundcloud)

Negash Ali / Own Blood (soundcloud)
Negash Ali / Hearts (soundcloud)
Negash Ali / In This Club (soundcloud)
Negash Ali / Slow Down (soundcloud)
Negash Ali / Dreams Don't (soundcloud)

Anton Zap / Fade To What (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Water (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Road Trip Song (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Miniature (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Miles And More (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Funky Man (soundcloud - Apollo Records)
Anton Zap / Captain Storm (soundcloud - Apollo Records)


群鶏中島 / tennejicle (nicovideo)
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may.e / おいで With ビーフ (soundcloud)
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つん / .-.-. (soundcloud)
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Throwing Up / Medicine (soundcloud)

Obits / Taste the Diff (soundcloud - Sub Pop Records)

The Tomb Weavers / Andrew (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Conspiracy of Owls / The Lesson (Album Version) (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Wet Spots / Leeching Out (soundcloud)

Holograms / Meditations (OFFICIAL SINGLE) (soundcloud)

The Funky Bros / Sun on the lone ranger (soundcloud)

Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers / Conqueror (soundcloud)

Zoon van snooK / Tjornin (Ruxpin Remix) (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)
Zoon van snooK / The Cross I'd Bear (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)
Zoon van snooK / Cuckoo (Christ.'s Nurse Ratchet mix) (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)
Zoon van snooK / Saint's Preserve (soundcloud - Lo Recordings)


ぼけ~ぇっと / 言うわ! (soundcloud)
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minimals / ゆるやかドラゴン (soundcloud)
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カリギュラは気まぐれ / O-DO (soundcloud)
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ヘロン / 涙のにおい (soundcloud)
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Zaiden / しゅとぅるむうんとどらんぐ(Sturm und Drang) (soundcloud)
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Kotaro Ono / Cold,Funk/Easy,Action(Demo) (soundcloud)
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Kotaro Ono / 【初音ミク】八木節【群馬県民謡アレンジ】大百科 (soundcloud)
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rekanan / 虚構が創り上げた夏 feat. Hatsune Miku (soundcloud)
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rekanan / 虚構が創り上げた夏 OffVocal (soundcloud)
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入江陽 / 『俳優』デモ(ゲスト:Uさん) (soundcloud)
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Auto Shut Off / Weekend Malfunction - [TNR-009] (Tanukineiri Records)
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The Courtneys / 90210 (soundcloud - BurgerRecords)

Froth / Lost My Mind (soundcloud - BurgerRecords)

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Deep Magic / Brighter Days (soundcloud)

Iasos / Rainbow Canyon (soundcloud)

魔法の天使 クリィミーマミ30周年記念特設サイト (soundcloud)
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「猫物語(白) PV第2弾」公開 (soundcloud)
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■R.I.P. Jim Kelly