Moses Hightower - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) (soundcloud)
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The Rebel Set - Riddle Me This (soundcloud - Burger Records)

エレファントノイズカシマシ「抜歯ep」(sound only) (youtube)
◇via 片岡フグリ # 2012 limited 15 distribution at kobe

DObuus (youtube)
◇via @badajapan # 市場大介

Circle Jerks - Deny Everything (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Twink & The Technicolour Dream - You Reached For The Stars (soundcloud - Burger Records)

Canooooopy x Sima Kim - Tragicomical Sandstorm (soundcloud)
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銀杏BOYZのボーカル峯田和伸、1万字インタビュー (朝日新聞デジタル)
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